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Commodore DiskUser Magazine

Commodore Disk User was a magazine for the Commodore range of computers, including the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, and Commodore Plus/4. Each issue came with a cover mounted disk containing software. It was published by the same company that published the Your Commodore magazine and was aimed at Commodore users that had a 1541 disk drive and did not want to have to type in program listings. It also meant that larger programs could be included with the magazine. Initially, an issue of the magazine was published every two months but after two years, it was changed to being published every month. The magazine survived up until the end of 1991; the last issue cover dated October 1991.


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basic program 8
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programs 8
routine 8
character set 7
operating system 7
main menu 6
sprites 6
cdu 5
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ttie 5
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trivia challenge 4
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colour table 1
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Date Published
Commodore DiskUser Nov/Dec 87 (Volume 1 Number 1) Computer Scrabble, The Yanks Are Coming, Keeping Your Drive Alive by Eric Doyle, Slipped Disks by Norman Doyle, Comics by Gordon Hamlett, Mending Your Disks by Burghard - Henry Lehmann, Directory Designer by Burghard - Henry Lehmann, Text Enhancer by Steven Hammond, Mobster by Richard Beaven, 3 Into 1 Plus by Tony Crowther, Ski Run by Ting Zwei Kuei, Sprite Printer by Gary Mayhew, Compunet Culture by David Bain, Games Reviews, Disk Dungeons by...
Topics: disk, sprite, file, program, directory, sprites, editor, commodore, screen, games, electronic arts,...
Commodore DiskUser Apr 91 (Volume 4 Number 6) Char - Ed Deluxe by Frank Joppe, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Rescue by David Bryson, Screens V2.1 by Phillipe Bastings, Word count by Simon Collis, Basics of Basic by John Simpson, Multiplexor by Richard Little, Hires Converter by Simon Collis, Screen Designer / Compiler V2 by Alan Warriner, Art on the 64 by Jenni Simpson, Easy Working Programs by Adrian Millett, UDG system 2 by Jenni Simpson, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the month by...
Topics: program, code, memory, screen, thai, address, assembler, disk, machine code, data, program counter,...
Commodore DiskUser October 91 (Volume 4 Number 12) Flight Sim II Patch by Glenn Davies, Starplotter by DH Faber, Disk Economiser by Simon Collis, GEOgrab by J O'Donnell, File Utilities by John Campbell, 6510+ Header Creator by Glenn Davies, Printer Graphic Designer by MR Medhurst, GEO Pound by J O'Donnel, Computer Aided Study by Paul Traynor.
Topics: file, disk, program, plot, demo, basic, files, printer, header create, load, header file, file...
Commodore DiskUser May 91 (Volume 4 Number 7) Disk Doctor by Fergal Moane, Managing Stocks by F.A. Lategan, Disk Sleeve Print by Steven Burgess, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Basics of Basic by John Simpson, Raster Master by David Bryson, 64 - TEL by S. Olatunbosun, Basic Machine Language Techniques by John Simpson, Wordsearch by Steven Burgess, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month by John Kopsidas, Numbers and Bytes by John Simpson, Busibasic by Fergal Moane, Basic Slider by...
Topics: program, disk, screen, command, commodore, print, cursor, thai, machine code, lor, memory map,...
Commodore DiskUser June 91 (Volume 4 Number 8) Countdown by Peter Weighill, Power Tools by NM156, Basics of Basic by John Simpson, I.D.O.S.2 by Richard Day, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Basic Machine Language Techniques by John Simpson, Frantic by Roy Fielding, Computer Intelligence by Steven Burgess, Monsters! by Darren Cook, Program Planning by Steven Burgess.
Topics: program, disk, thai, wilh, filename, file, lor, byte, machine code, loop, disk directory, picture...
Commodore DiskUser Mar/Apr 88 (Volume 1 Number 3) Reviews, Super - tact by R Kyme - Wright, Chaos in space by Paul Williams, Software over the Rainbow by Norman Doyle, C - Zap by Paul Williams, Basic+ by Graeme Gayler, Tape archive by Les Allen, Link and Crunch by Tony Crowther, Psymon by Gary Saunders, Disk Librarian II by Burghard - Henry Lehmann, C128 Auto - boot by Mahmood Hasan Merchant, Level - headed thoughts by Norman Doyle, Monitoring Monitors by Norman Doyle, Disk Dungeons by Gordon...
Topics: program, disk, memory, game, commodore, programs, compiler, code, screen, basic, radio control,...
Commodore DiskUser Feb 91 (Volume 4 Number 4) The Cranmore Diamond Affair by Tony Rome, Power Compactor by Martin Piper, The 64's Keyboard by Bones, Multitasking by David Kelsey, The Advisor by Bob Garner, Galactic Encounter by P Makepeace, Explaining Interupt Requests by Alex Blewitt, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month by David Colter, 2 for the C128 by Neville Duguid, Further Adventures in 'C' by John Simpson, Screen Store 64 by M Medhurst, Kangaroo Korner by Elaine Foster,...
Topics: program, disk, screen, routine, code, key, programs, lda, machine code, basic, shift key, basic...
Commodore DiskUser Jan/Feb 88 (Volume 1 Number 2) Shoot - 'em - up Construction Kit by Norman Doyle, Reviews, Short but sweet, Strategic Simulations by Tony Hetherington, Disk Librarian by Burghard - Henry Lehmann, Disk Mate by Malcolm Gallon, Noluxe Paint by Ludo Decock, Text Cracker by Kent Sandelin, Quad by Nick Summer, Five Up by Michael Powell, C128 Ram Disk by Kevin Stelfox, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, Scroll Your Own by Norman Doyle, Definitive Programming by Norman Doyle, Linking...
Topics: disk, program, commodore, game, file, ram, character, screen, programs, memory, machine code, order...
Commodore DiskUser Sept 91 (Volume 4 Number 11) I Paint by Paul Traynor, Budget Calc by Simon Phillips, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch, C64 Autosave by Paul Eves, File Menu by John Campbell, Pop - Up Menus by Lionel Jack, Hackman and Sobbin2 by Jenni Simpson, Basics of Basic by John Simpson, Eight Speed Scroller by Richard Ikin, Basic Machine Language Techniques by John Simpson, Mouse 80 by DH Faber, Sprite Editor by Brian Rhodes, Smooth Vertical Scroller by Suman Roy, Sprite Priorities by...
Topics: program, file, sprite, thai, routine, sprites, screen, disk, ihe program, basic, disk file, disk...
Commodore DiskUser July 91 (Volume 4 Number 9) European by Mark Skingle, Elviva - Mistress of the Dark, Program Planning by Steven Burgess, SchizO! by Steven Burgess, Techno - Info, Exploring the 1541, Maddix by Mark Judge, Logo Editor / Letter Maker by Robert Troughton, The Making of Helpline by Jason Finch, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch, Memory Transfer by Lee Bamber.
Topics: disk, buffer, file, program, data, track, thai, command, file entry, adventure, direct access,...
Commodore DiskUser August 91 (Volume 4 Number 10) Basic File Utilities by John Campbell, Editors Extra Bit by Jason Finch, Basics of Basic by John Simpson, Games List Creator by John Kay, Ultimate Datamaker by Mahmood Merchant, Microtyne Bounce Back by Stew Canel, Labeller 64 by AJ Lenton, Memory by R Nielsen, Which One, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month by Peter Weighill and JS Mardell, Lite Menus! by Madhu Surendranath, Sacramento by Stuart Allen, Basic Maker by Mike Holmes,...
Topics: file, program, disk, basic, thai, screen, utility, cursor, file renumber, cdu, performance...
Commodore DiskUser Sep/Oct 88 (Volume 1 Number 6) Reviews by "TH, Scorpion by Leslie Wigmore, Addit by David Butcher, Colour Match by David Butcher, Mini Spread 128 by Kevin Blight, Starburst by Duncan Kershaw, Escape! by R Martin and W Black, Score Keeper by J B Kinley, Location Finder by Gordon Davis, Fractal Frolics by D G Wilkinsion, Which Assembler? by Gordon Davis, Bulletin Boards by Mary Branscombe, US Gold by Tony Hetherington, High Speed Graphics by Allen Webb, Disk Dungeons by...
Topics: disk, commodore, command, code, assembler, column, game, program, hex, screen, bulletin boards,...
Commodore DiskUser Jul/Aug 88 (Volume 1 Number 5) Reviews, Trilogic: The Experts, Disk Toolbox by Paul Eves, Relocator by Fin Fahey, 3 - D Breakout by Malcon Gallon, Mind Games by Homer A Perry, Peggy 128, Orrery by David Cook, Message Construction Kit by Gary Saunders, Getting your lines right by Gordon Davis, Hidden Secrets of the 6510 by Al Dukes, Disk Dungeons, MUD, Accolade Action by Tony Hetherington, Mapping the machine by Jeremy Cornell.
Topics: tfie, disk, program, game, commodore, routine, che, ttie, programs, memory, tfie program, step...
Commodore DiskUser Sep 90 (Volume 3 Number 11) Banking 128 by Richard Tanner, Disk Driver V4 by Paul Cochrane, Autoboot 128 by Karl Hope, Reading Between the Lines by Gordon Moyes, IDOS by Richard Day, Price Calculator by Ian Dalziel, B.O.S.S. by Marc Bangs, Screen Designer by A Warriner, Landscape Routines by Edmund Dumbill, Windows 128 by Jason Doig, Sample Kit 64 by Ian Goffe, 1581 Internal Disk Commands by Paul Traynor, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch,...
Topics: program, disk, command, commands, file, track, screen, buffer, machine code, data, side sector,...
Commodore DiskUser Jun 90 (Volume 3 Number 8) Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Aleatory Music by Vic Berry, Sprite Basic by Gordon Moyes, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch, The Astrodus Affair by Mark Turner, Sprite Generator 2 by Brian Graham, 65xx Interfacing by Steve Carrie, Codemaster by Andy Partridge, Personal Organiser Page Printer by Paul Traynor, C128 Convertor and Maths Aid by Paul Traynor, 1581 Direct Access by Paul Traynor, Muncher by David Bryson, Myth by Gordon Hamlett, The 1581...
Topics: sprite, program, disk, sprites, screen, serial, timer, noddy, machine code, cdu, music files, disk...
Commodore DiskUser May/Jun 88 (Volume 1 Number 4) Four speed cartridges by Eric Doyle, Reviews by "FF, Drumsynth by Andrew D Leeder, C128 Pull - down Menus, Tokeniser by P F Hayes, Computer Aided Designer by Roger Peachey, Basic Compactor by Fin Fahey, Santolus by George Allan, Atlantis by B N Lewis, ROMantic stories by Norman Doyle, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, Inside Basic by Fin Fahey, The Height of Resolution by Gordon Davis, Strategic studies by Tony Hetherington.
Topics: program, disk, screen, file, cursor, menu, grid, basic, commodore, mode, program file, grid screen,...
Commodore DiskUser Dec 90 (Volume 4 Number 2) I.L.S. by John Backerville, Further Adventures in 'C' by John Simpson, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month by R Smedley, Screen Designer (Update) by William Christie, Kangaroo Korner by Elaine Foster, Designing a Role Playing Game by Gordon Hamlett, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Worth the hassle? by Jason Finch, Machine language gems. by Bones, Colour Table Editor by Simon Collins, Multi Tasking on the C128 by David Kelsey, Hackman...
Topics: program, disk, thai, array, lda, pointers, file, programs, operating system, load, vertical...
Commodore DiskUser Nov 90 (Volume 4 Number 1) War at Sea by Paul Travnor, Full Disk Jacket by Mike Gregory, Computer Time by Steven Burgess, NeaGox by Brian Schau, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch, Number Defender by Nathan Grainger, Power Tools by John Simpson, Memory Scanner by Lee Bamber, Money Plus - 64 by Peter Simmonds, Serving the Public by S Wickham, xinout by C P McElhinney, Joystick Autofire by Yasin Poptani, C128 Calendar by Paul Traynor, Gomoku by Adrian Millett, Worth the hassle?...
Topics: program, disk, input, solder, rts, programs, sta, lda, machine code, cdu, memory scanner, interrupt...
Commodore DiskUser Aug 90 (Volume 3 Number 10) Geoprogrammer by Brian Sedgebear, Limbo II - Plant Dillon by Steven Pattullo, Screen Designer 128 by D H Faber, Database 78 by C F Smith, Further Adventures in 'C' by John Simpson, Letter Maker by Robert Troughton, Functions by Stuart Westbrook, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Games List Creater by John Kay, Dual Diskcopy by Mike Holmes, Sequencer 64 by Steve Carrie, Security by Tim Walters, SuperBoot! by Barry Graham, CBM Development Assembler...
Topics: program, disk, code, screen, sprite, macro, thai, file, machine code, option, object code, games...
Commodore DiskUser Nov 89 (Volume 3 Number 1) Reviews, Letters, Award Maker by Tony Hetherington, Wabbit by M Ware, Basic Extension by Steve Carrie, B - Raid by Al Dukes, Help 64 by Andrew D Leeder, Program Compare by Adrian Millett, Orsital by George Allen, Super Diskonomiser by A Bennet and M Burchell, Rasters and Colour by Andy Partridge, Sid Sequencer by Vic Berry, Sprite Editor 1 by Austen Darnell, Reviews, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, Diary of a Programmer by Andy Partridge, Citadel.
Topics: tfie, ttie, program, disk, mode, tfiat, sprite, screen, cdu, che, sid sequencer, disk menu, issues...
Commodore DiskUser Feb 90 (Volume 3 Number 4) Colour Picture Printing by Keith McLeman, Base - Ed 2 by Neil McKearney, The First Million by Darren Cook, Graphics on the 64 by Bizzmo, FM - Dos by Fergal Moane, Geos Fonts by Brian Sedgebear, Hashing it by Steven Burgess, Multi - Sprite by Jason Finch, Directories Explained by Jason Finch, Trivia Challenge by Keith Suddick, Tomorrow's Tomorrow by John Simpson, Techno - Info, The Strategist by Gordon Hamlett.
Topics: disk, program, byte, geos, sprite, screen, bytes, data, sprites, file, basic program, byte number,...
Commodore DiskUser May/Jun 89 (Volume 2 Number 4) Base - Ed by Neil McKearney, High Speed Graphics by Allen Webb, Sticky Decision by Andy Andros, Dbase 128 by Richard Clements, 6510+ Assembler by Dave Weaver/Compunet, SID Sequencer by Vic Berry, Hot Dog: The Frankfurt Show by Kevin Crosby, Liberte by Paul Eves, Reviews, The Sound FX Kit by Neil Higgins, Introducing SID by Paul Eves, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett.
Topics: disk, program, file, sound, enter, screen, option, code, commands, commodore, commodore disk,...
Commodore DiskUser Mar 90 (Volume 3 Number 5) Fighter Bomber by Marcus Bamford, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, "Cheats by Pokes and all that!", Plague by Richard Little, Geos Fonts by Brian Sedgebear, Video Recorder Planner by R Davey, Trivia Challenge - Part 3 by Keith Suddick, Screen Manipulator by Jason Finch, Surround by Richard Drummond, Joystick Tester by Michael Smith, Colour Matcher by M Hinam, Screen Slider by Jason Finch, All in the mind by Andy Partridge, A Wide Array by...
Topics: poke, program, disk, geos, menu, scroll, commodore, screen, software, game, infinite lives, colour...
Commodore DiskUser Jan 90 (Volume 3 Number 3) Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, Programmers Diary by Andy Partridge, Power Drift, Lord of Darkness by R Nielsen, Selective Colour Restorer by Jason Finch, Jetrace 2000 by Mark Judge, Geos Fonts by Brian Sedgebear, Blackjack by N Sykes, 6510+ Unassembler by Mike Gregory, 4 in a row by Mark Carroll, Ultimate Font Editor by Arjan Mensch, Margo by Paul Montwill, Trivia Challenge - Part 1 by Keith Suddick, Frogs in space by Gary Mayhew, A - Z of Geos by...
Topics: tfie, code, geos, disk, game, che, program, ttie, player, font, strategy games, order code, source...
Commodore DiskUser Nov/Dec 88 (Volume 2 Number 1) Reviews by "TH, Drive Doctor by Eric Doyle, Warp Speed by Gordon Davis, CDU Forth by R Lincoln, Texted by Fergal Moane, Extractor by Neil Higgings, Windows 64 by Seb Reeve, ZMON by Neville Duguid, Cribbage Master by Paul Schofield, Mini Spread 128 by Kevin Blight, Oblivion! by Martin Jones, Bumper sticker maker by Myron Patch, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, The Games - Winter Edition by Tony Hetherington, Disk Commands by S Gerton, High...
Topics: tfie, ttie, disk, screen, commodore, che, commands, program, text, sprites, commodore disk, bumper...
Commodore DiskUser Jan 91 (Volume 4 Number 3) 2 by 2 Character Editor by Robert Troughton, Ultimate Password Protection by Robert Troughton, Secure by Sakib Khokhar, KA43 - 5 by Kare Aanestad, Kangaroo Korner by Elaine Foster, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month by E H Baker, 32 sprites on the 64 by Martin Piper, Sorting data by Robert Thoughton, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch, Numbers and Bytes by John Simpson, Designing a Role Playing Game by Gordon Hamlett, Further Adventures in...
Topics: program, disk, routine, operating, sprite, thai, basic, code, operating system, commands,...
Commodore DiskUser Jul/Aug 89 (Volume 2 Number 5) Font Factory 89 by Craig Nottingham, Reviews, Hires Demo Kit by Neil Higgins, Animator by Clive Horner, Border Message Scroller by Brian Storry, Typit - 128 by Peter Simonds, Screen Copies Utility by W M Wilson, Vidibasic by Fergal Moane, Kernal Routines by Paul Eves, Texted by Fergal Moane, 64 News Desk by Mike Benn, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, Reviews by FF, Deciphering Code by Eric Doyle, LED Storm.
Topics: disk, sprite, program, syntax, data, mode, scroll, screen, printing, commands, menu mode, errors...
Commodore DiskUser Dec 89 (Volume 3 Number 2) Batman, Ideas to Work By by Andy Partridge, Print It by Tony Hetherington, Storm Across Europe, Kron by Tony Rome, Menu Kit by Neil Higgins, Phobos get out of jail 'X' by Nick Summer, Diary of a Programmer by Andy Partridge, Limbo by Steven Pattullo, Musibasic by Fergal Moane, Panic by John Simpson, Template Design by Dirk Lee, Quickword by Mike Holmes, Multitasking concepts for C128 by D Kelsey, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, 1st CD Edition by...
Topics: text, program, screen, cursor, quikword, operating, programs, disk, ram, menu, text file, template...
Commodore DiskUser Jan/Feb 89 (Volume 2 Number 2) Vindicator by GH, Captain Blood by Tony Hetherington, The Games - Summer Edition by Tony Hetherington, Disk Turbo by Dave Taylor, Blastball by S Patrick and S Maloney, Colour Bind by Mark Mainwood, Border Sprite by Jason Finch, Data Maker by Sanjeev J Massey, Life, Menu Maker by Nick Gregory, Microdot by Jim Blackler, Spots by Keith Suddick, Easy Scroller by Mario Annetta, Runaway by Christopher Hester, CDU Forth by R Lincoln, Dungeons and...
Topics: tfie, disk, ttie, screen, game, che, zmon, program, routine, sprite, captain blood, ttie game, top...
Commodore DiskUser Mar 91 (Volume 4 Number 5) Sprite Masker by Simon Hartley, S.E.U.C.K. Extension by Ian Goffe, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch, Programming Tips by Gordon Hamlett, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Intro - Linker by John Harper, S.E.U.C.K. with music by David Dewar, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month by Peter Fairer and Mr Heams, Automenu by Paul Gander, Designing a Role Playing Game by Gordon Hamlett, Solitare by Paul Traynor, Zakron by A Docherty and P Atkin,...
Topics: program, lor, disk, thai, sprite, cal, screen, commodore, disk drive, wilh, multicolour sprite, ihe...
Commodore DiskUser Sep/Oct 89 (Volume 2 Number 6) Reviews, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, Correction For Introducing Sid, Battletech, Graphic Interupt Routines by Miles Barry, Coball by R Aldridge and N Cusworth, Mickmon by Mike Gregory, Scrapbook by Paul Schofield, Cellrator by A Darnell, Rainbow Chaser by K Murphy, Hidden Graphics by Mike Benn, Fortress by Gary Mayhew, Disk Hunter by Mike Holmes, Super - file 64 by Madhu Surendranath, BAAL, Video Title Shop, Which Word Processor by Tony...
Topics: disk, screen, program, graphics, scrap, directory, hunter, raster, file, text, disk directory, word...
Commodore DiskUser Apr 90 (Volume 3 Number 6) Techno - Info, Tip of the month, Programmers Diary by Andy Partridge, Review Corner by Ashley Cotter - Cairns, Bar Prompts by P Basting, Kernal Routines by Paul Eves, Hilite Bars by John Simpson, 3D - Text Machine by Marco Westerweel, Spreadsheet 64 by Mark Skingle, C128 Collection, Mini Aid by Mike Holmes, Screen Enhancer by Jason Doig, The Strategist by Gordon Hamlett, Demos in Basic, Characters to Sprites by Craig Nottingham, 65xx Interfacing by...
Topics: program, routine, data, screen, routines, commodore, sprites, disk, basic, cursor, secondary...
Commodore DiskUser Mar/Apr 89 (Volume 2 Number 3) Reviews by "GRH, Darts by Michael Ware, CDU Paint by Tony Crowther, Devaid by Paul Eves, Bazair, Araknifoe by Stephen Chance, Graphics Primer 128 by Nick Gregory, Championship Dominoes by Athol McEwan, More Hidden Secrets of the 6510 by Al Dukes, High Speed Graphics by Allen Webb, Phantom, Six Drives by Kerry Fowler, Deciphering Code by Eric Doyle, Disk Dungeons by Gordon Hamlett, Sector Secrets by Kerry Fowler.
Topics: disk, routine, program, parameters, sys, commodore, sprite, code, routines, game, cdu paint,...
Commodore DiskUser Oct 90 (Volume 3 Number 12) Roll 'em by Marco Westerweel, Colour Matcher 128 by Jason Finch, Spread - Ed by S Downey and F Moane, Raster Editor by Robert Troughton, Address base by Mark Skingle, Basic Explored by S Wickham, Supesort 64 and 128 by Mike Gregory, Further Adventures in 'C' by John Simpson, The Peeves of a Sysop by Stuart Allen, C128 Sprite Editor by Paul Traynor, Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month by Mark Carroll and...
Topics: program, disk, column, cdu, screen, programs, sprite, thai, main menu, byte, memory address, link...
Commodore DiskUser Jul 90 (Volume 3 Number 9) Adventure Helpline by Jason Finch, Quck Merge C64/C128 by Adrian Millett, Techno - Info by Jason Finch, Tip of the Month, Arcadia by Julian Woodford, The Game Plan by Mike Benn, Diamond Bytes by S Wickham, Character Designer by Tim Hanson, Adventure Writing by Jason Finch, Hashbase 128 by Steven Burgess, Centronics RX Interface by M D Addlesee, Revasm C64/C128 by Adrian Millett, Speedy Unassembler by Mike Gregory, Banks and Memory by Jason Finch,...
Topics: screen, disk, file, sprite, data, code, character, program, machine code, location, graphics...
Commodore DiskUser May 90 (Volume 3 Number 7) Interrupt Pointers and Menus by William Phillips, 65xx Interfacing by Steve Carrie, Oops - a - Daisy!!, Sprite Driver by William Christie, Screens by Phillipe Bastings, Data Compression by Neil Higgins, Hires Animator by K Hall, Rotatron, Maze Generator by C Makepeace, Character Extractor by Neil Higgins, Nudge by Jason Finch, Techno - Info, Tip of the Month, Super Snapshot V5 by S Wickham, Fortran by Andy Partridge, Window Wiper by Mike Benn.
Topics: sprite, screen, program, screens, basic, character, pointer, memory, data, routine, entry program,...